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The stories we tell about ourselves and the world are the stories we live by. Our world-views and beliefs drive our behaviours. Our collective and fragmented world-view, maintained by a materialistic and reductionist scientific paradigm, has been reflected in our dysfunctional behaviours.

If we are to heal and restore our relationships with ourselves, each other and our planetary home, Gaia, we need to re-story our understanding of reality itself.

At this critical time, in answer to this need, a new and yet ancient story is emerging. Leading edge science across all scales of existence and numerous fields of research is converging with universal

spirituality into an integral model of unified reality. It reveals our Universe as composed of meaningful information holographically manifested, and so exquisitely fine-tuned that it exists TO evolve:

  • This emergent wholeworld-view imbues our entire Universe and ourselves with inherent meaning and purpose.

It invites us to understand, experience and embody unity awareness and to Think Cosmic, Feel Global and Act Local.

Our Planet is calling to us to WAKE UP: rapid climate change and environmental destruction is reflecting the need to expand our awareness. Our unsustainable interactions with each other, resulting in inequality, injustice and conflict are calling us to GROW UP and change our behaviours.

The damage we have caused to ourselves and our planetary home, Gaia, is calling us to regeneratively CLEAN UP and co-creatively SHOW UP.

A WholeWorld-View, by serving our understanding, experiencing and embodying unity awareness, aims to empower all the above and facilitate us to LINK UP and LIFT UP to consciously evolve.



The integral wholeworld-view story helps us understand our unique diversity within the unity of reality and the evolutionary impulse of our Universe. It helps us to tune into the evolutionary meaning that is unfolding and flowing around us in these transformative times and empower hope in action.

As a species, never before have we had so much scientific evidence that we are living in an interdependent, in-formed and holographically manifested Universe that not only exists and evolves as a unified entity – but exists TO evolve.

We are coming to realize that mind and consciousness aren’t something we have but rather what we and the whole world are. That our Universe is a great thought rather than a great thing and that we are its micro-cosmis co-creators.

From such unity awareness comes a realization that separation is an illusion.


We are alive in a critical evolutionary moment.

After 13.8 billion years of evolution, our Universe has birthed us as a self-aware species. We now have a choice to become unity-aware beings and conscious co-creators and evolutionary partners with our Universe and its ongoing evolutionary impulse. As we collectively re-member the multi-dimensional and unified All of the Cosmos, we can choose.

We are all indigenous to Earth–we, and all the plants and animals that share our planetary home, are Gaia’s children.

Like a healthy resilient ecosystem, within the wholeness of the all, our global experience is manifested through the radical diversity, and purpose of me and we.

The illusionary story of separation is breaking down. We either evolve globally together or become extinct as a species. In these pivotal times of breakdown and breakthrough, we can re-member and ‘feel’ our inherent connection to each other and Gaia, and co-create a thriving future for all. It is time to evolve through love, from the inside out.

While the process of re-membering unity is unique to each individual, all are paths on the same journey of inner and outer evolution. We can choose to become unity aware beings, and in acting local and feeling global, experience and embody wholeness. We are indeed in this together. And we always have been.

In the coming years, the choices of each and all of us will determine the fate of our species and potentially all life on Gaia.

Locally, individuals and communities are embarking on quests and practices of ‘sacred normality’–reconnecting to each other, Gaia and the universal pulse of evolution that flows through us. We are re-membering what it means to co-create lives of meaning, purpose and responsibility. Communities are rediscovering their ability to find local solutions to global challenges. Crisis breeds opportunity and innovation.

As we expand the spiral of compassion to include Me, We and All, cities can be transformational accelerators for how we do this together.

In acting local whilst feeling global and thinking from a perspective of unity in diversity, cities can lead the way forward in transforming our human capacity and facilitating our conscious evolution.

The existential challenges we face today and in the coming years ultimately have arisen from a common cause:

  • our fragmented understanding of reality and our collective belief in the illusion of separation.

Increasingly compelling scientific evidence is converging with universal spiritual traditions to reveal that this perception is fundamentally wrong. Instead discovering an emergent wholeworld-view of unified reality and a living Universe imbued with meaning and evolutionary purpose.

We now have the opportunity and the choice to re-story our understanding and re-member and restore our understanding and experiencing its innate unity:

We are invited to experience and embody its hope in action through a spiral of compassion that embraces:

  • Caring for our Planet
  • Caring for our cities and communities
  • Caring for ourselves


Author of the article:

Dr. Jude Currivan, cosmologist, author of The Cosmic Hologram,

Co-founder WholeWorld-View ( and

Member of Evolutionary Leaders Circle (


The article was taken out of the following book:

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