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Our Purpose

ACC is anintegrative proposal that assembles and analyzes our knowledge and understanding on all material related to the expansion of consciousness, while aspiring to be as inclusive as possible. We could use other terms such as spirituality or enlightenment, but we prefer to use EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS, for we thought it to be the most comprehensive. The materials include books, movies, music, and other types of cultural works, which are analyzed and then posted along with short summaries. Thus, the ACC Magazine serves as a reference guide and library for finding materials that may be useful. We hope that over time others will participate, by either supporting our ideas, commenting or even posting more material. The idea is to bring together (in ​​English and Spanish) the best and most diverse typologies that are valuable in both quality and quantity. We hope to have made ​​a first step in an ancient area, using a different format that can be useful in the vastness of the Internet.