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For those of us who are older and were able to experience it as teenagers or adults it was a fabulous event. Many of us didn’t realize – at the time of living it – what it was all about. We became aware as the years went by and as we walked the path that was opened to many of us, or reopened from late 1986 and early 1987.

For some it was a gentle awakening, like a bright sunrise by the sea or in the mountains. For others, as is my personal case, it was a traumatic event, an abrupt awakening, like a giant bucket of icy water on my face, while I slept the dream that I had induced in myself at age 16, tired of being someone “strange or different”.

Someone very wise person once told me that beatings come adequate to the size of the back that receives them. Well, they did. To emerge from such a situation I had to resort to the most diverse therapies and teachings of very different schools. But that path that could have seemed random, today I perceive clearly that it was an absolutely tailor-made path for me. To stimulate my awakening day by day, month by month, year by year.

I was not a disciplined student so I have wandered and zigzagged a lot along the way, but I never got off it. And this applies to any being. There is no path.

We are the unique magic combination of a mission and free will.

I remember as if today, that I read in the 90’s the book written by Jose Arguelles “A Way Beyond Technology” which presented something at that time little known, like the whole subject of THE MAYA. Their calendar, their astronomy, their wisdom. I also remember that it was precisely during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 that he lost his son and that this pain led him to a great introspection and search.

Now Lorie Ladd presents us with a practical, clear and concise vision of the meaning of the Great Harmonic Convergence that has been talked about so much and its function in our now. At this moment, where the individual destiny of each one of us is being defined moment by moment. That if we are reading this it is because we came to the same thing. To be an active part in this journey of GAIA towards her new dimensional state.

That’s what we came here for, whether we realize it or not. And this work we do, whether we realize it or not.

Since alchemizing dense energies involves seeing, hearing and experiencing them, it is best to be aware that it is a very unpleasant experience but it is only for the task at hand and it is not the “true reality”. This is what the Great Enlightened Masters talk about, but also writers and poets.  When Calderón de la Barca talks about “life is a dream” this is what he means. This apparent reality is not reality, it is a hologram, a projection based on a dense and dark paradigm that is based on and built from fear.

Becoming aware of this helps a great deal, as one accepts that it is a bitter pill, that it manifests more or less often, but that it is not real. And that, as it is being transmuted and completely loses its strength to disappear, will shout more and more loudly to avoid this process. So let’s listen to Lorie, whom we have subtitled, to make it easier for the Spanish-speaking user.

Thank you very much for your presence in this transcendental moment that we have decided to come together.

Razjeed Jhamul Kumara



The Harmonic Convergence | It’s Role In Your Now

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