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Professor Janis Rozé, is a prestigious biologist and environmentalist, as well as a being of exquisite inner depth. He has worked hand in hand with the living elements, plants, snakes, but also with highly recognized scientists. He frequently visits South America, in particular Brazil and Argentina where he is part of projects related to Harmonious Development, both material and spiritual.

He has lived in New York for many years, previously in the 1960s, and has worked in Venezuela for the university exploring jungles and forests.

He has made films and written books that we will surely be making available at ACC as soon as possible. He has also given countless conferences, talks and workshops throughout the world. Be Human and Ríos Genéticos are two works of great importance.

I am fortunate to have met or re-met Janis in this lifetime, back in 1990, and since then his soul has repeatedly illuminated my consciousness. Grateful for all this, we send you this writing from Janis to all of you.

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Plant invites humans for shared living on Earth

From the professor Janis Rozé

With the new age of Aquarius following after Pisces we are entering into a new and open metaphor in which war after war, domination after domination, conquest after conquest, violence after violence, hate after hate  are gradually being replaced by a new metaphor: the emerging New Humanity and the healing Mother Earth.

Indeed, opening our eyes, mind and heart we can perceive that beyond the obvious crises and calamities is emerging a new rhythm of life, new opportunities and new energies that push us toward the magical and the divine. We feel them and we want them. The extraordinary changes in our world and the accelerated time point to the flowering of the new human consciousness. The humanity and the earth are transforming, and we individually, socially and humanly are invited to accompany them.  How? By rediscovering that we are part and not apart from the nature. Together, we form the circle of existence. An illustration of the great interdependence on the level where the humanity-nature essentiality entwine, and that we are on a deep and delicate balance was offered to me in a strange way, by a tiny plant in Brazil.

So spoke the plant to a human in Brazil

In 1996, during one of our Earthwatch research trips we were collecting and studying medicinal plants in the luscious Atlantic Rain Forest, around Buzios, Brazil. We took daily collecting trips in the forest gathering the plants, sometimes with a local healer who knew them well. One day, after a longer walk we were particularly successful in finding interesting species of healing plants. Back in the lab we carefully prepared each specimen, well knowing that each one of them has its special qualities to heal, to hurt, or to nourish. We learned that in the forest there is no plant or tree that is “just there”, as we frequently think about them. All have a role in the ecological interactions and interdependence because no plant is apart.

After several hours of intense work in the lab, the tiredness freed my mind and emotions from the internal noises of the personality that almost always accompany us. I was handling the plant A041 quietly pondering about its qualities, almost as if inquiring about its existence. In my inner silence I became aware of a message that an important part of the creation – the plants – intended to transmit to us humans. This is what I “heard” from my magical plant.

Long before you came, our world was designed to provide for your coming. We toiled and struggled to survive. At the same time, we gathered energies and material that we offered to the rest of the Wave of Evolution.

We all grew together because we were One. We had one aim given to us by the Mother Earth. We reached for the Sun, our true giver of life. Our roots were in the Mother Earth to draw nourishment for life. We do not have time as you have it but we have rhythms – a kind of dance together.

We learned to generate what we need, without knowing that we will offer everything to the Wave of Evolution. This offer was our way to transform ourselves and make the next step on the Wave. We produced all that is needed to maintain the Great Harmony in the animal world, in the human world.

It went well for a long time. But then the Great Break came. You humans gradually forgot the Wave of Evolution. You became fascinated about what you could do with the riches of the Mother Earth. You isolated yourselves and invented your own strange purposes and definitions and you stopped listening to the pulse of life. You grew deaf to the melody of the Mother Earth. You sank into a listless world where you heard only the echo of your own doings.

Now the Great Break is wreaking havoc in our world and in the world of our brothers, the animals. You forgot that everything in you is from soil, plants and animals. Yes, you have forgotten that on the Mother Earth we are sharing the same rhythm of life. We all are brothers and sisters, including you humans. You have forgotten that sun shines on all of us equally and the Great Journey is to return to the Creator. Mother Earth nourished us all, provided us and sent us on the journey of Cosmic design.

We suffer by not being able to tell you about our offering and that we all journey together on the Wave of Evolution. We offer you nourishment, healing, beauty and life. We suffer because you isolated yourselves and the Gift of the Plant is not recognized. We have all you need to restore the Great Harmony, and much more. It is so because we share the One Wisdom, that of the Mother Earth, that of the Creator. Silence your noise. Open your hearts. We offer you all that we are as a gift of life and let us journey on the Wave of Evolution together again.

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