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On September 20, 2014 we published a short summary of the book “The healing power of illness” to inform our readers. We think it is necessary to extend this short introduction. This extension is especially useful for those who did not have contact yet with this very important work or who, like us, would like to read it again.

We find it advisable to accompany the reading with this additional, very similar article (only in Spanish):

In the book, the authors present an approach that today is commonplace, but it wasn’t more than 30 years ago, when this work was written. In that time the approach was not very common. It remains fully valid today. And the book can also be used as evening reading and as a self-help guide if you want to learn to interpret the WHY of the symptoms and pain of an illness.

The book begins, with very comprehensive topics, such as the description and analysis of the process of the development of the psychological “shadow” (according to C.G. Jung) through separation and duality, which characterizes human experience on this physical plane. (*)

Pain as such does not exist. The body does not hurt. Only the mind tries to give us a coded message that there is something behind that is not seen, not accepted or not understood by ourselves, so that through mere rejection it gets into our personal shadow, where it is stored and almost always reinforces the rejection of ourselves.

But that which we do not want to see always shows up in the end! And if we don’t want to see ourselves in this mirror, we find the SYMPTOM/S, which is/are nothing other than our shadow, which seeks to manifest itself in search of acceptance.

Numerous disciplines suggest exploring the shadow, which can be either in the subconscious or the unconscious (depending on the instance into which it has been repressed). During this exploration of one’s own shadow, which can be carried out with a variety of methods and techniques, we will eventually find our own shadow aspects, which we have either acquired on our own path of life or “inherited” as unresolved aspects of our physical ancestors (blood family) and will be passed on to our following generation until someone dissolves them. (Family constellations would be one of the techniques to achieve this, for example). 

Once the shadow aspects have been found, the only way out is to strive to take them back into our BEING (which does not suffer from duality) and accept them as part of us and acknowledge their existence. This includes expressing our love for them and inviting them from this physical experience to become part of us again. For once they are known, they have lost the reason for their existence in this dimension.

You can thank the shadow aspects for bringing you this far along the path of life, and then you can let them go.

The authors of the book “The healing power of Illness” also give remarkable food for thought on the understanding of sin, the non-existence of good and evil (except in the dual world) and regarding the primacy of light over darkness. Since light exists but darkness does NOT exist out of itself, it only manifests as the absence of light and must disappear in its presence, which is impossible the other way around.

Below you will find a link where you can download a free PDF version of this book in Spanish.

The previous contribution to this book is available via the following link:

(*) The indications of P.D. Ouspensky in terms of the different levels of consciousness can be a support to facilitate understanding.


  • Title: “Healing power of Illness”
  • Authors: Thorwald Dethlefsen and Rüdiger Dahlke
  • ISBN: 10 987-1138-70-9
  • Format: 12 x 18 carton
  • Scope: 315 pages
  • Number of the edition: (in German) 1. 1983
  • Date: 1987
  • Date of publication in English: 1 May 2004

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