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New Vision Meditation Series: 1 – Health & Wellbeing

We invite the beautiful ACC family to hold a new vision and co-create a shared future for the earth & humanity every day of this week. Our collective intentions, while being supported by the enlightened guides, create powerful dreams and manifestations of an earthly experience that is of the highest for all beings. The first topic of the New Vision Meditation Series, brought to us be Yvonne Yjemani Li is about Health & Wellbeing.

“See everyone as happy, healthy and well, as enjoying themselves outdoors and in other activities that support their wellbeing. Envision this new vision in your own time, daydream, meditate!”

The complete recording of this New Vision meditation you can listen to with the following link:

1 – Health & Wellbeing

Feel free to listen to the recordings or to facilitate your own meditation groups beloveds. In the next week the 2nd New Vision Meditation will be about Abundance & Prosperity.

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