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Medtiations of the New Vision: 5 – Evolution of consciousness and the community

5. Meditation of the New Vision: A new vision of the evolution of consciousness and the community

All of life will evolve naturally by the eternal mind of God. All that is. See all obstacles, interferences, negative programs, and agendas averting Earth’s and humanity’s natural evolution lifted. As the Earth receives enlightened frequencies from the Sun and beyond, see humanity receiving new codes and frequencies that activates their DNA, opens their consciousness, empowers one to access their infinite potentiality, and awakens them to their divinity. As their consciousness, their light and love grows, see all beings become aware of the unified nature of all existence. See humanity cooperate with one other, sharing gifts and resources with their community, working together on creative solutions to resolve Earth’s issues and leaving no one behind, as well as co-create with their higher consciousness and Family of Light. See humanity come into their rightful place as HUMANS, and evolve to join their starry families in the Cosmos.

Listen or download the meditation through the following link:

A new vision of the evolution of consciousness and the community

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