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Meditations of the New Vision: 4 – Sovereignty, liberty & responsibility

4. Meditation of the New Vision: A vision of sovereignty, liberty and responsibility for earth and humanity

See humanity release all fears from the collective psychic and astral realms. See everyone let go of their inhibitions, conditionings and fears. See people step into their sovereignty with an open heart, faith, compassion and courage. See the law of liberty spread across the planet affecting all life, with the 3D structures of control and power dismantled. This includes systems of financial control, political control, military power, media control, business management control, education control, healthcare and agriculture control, animal control and other structures of control liberated from fear based power and needs. See the Law of love, oneness, grace, reflection, karma and grace spread throughout the planet, so that humanity awakens to respect all life, the experience of liberty balanced with responsibility. See 5D organizational and societal systems built on values of love, compassion, respect, responsibility, and community on the New Earth.

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4. Meditation of the New Vision

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