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’30 years within the dead’ by Carl Wickland

An existential obsession is one of life after death. A limit that religions have tried to explain..

An existential obsession is one of life after death. A limit that religions have tried to explain and perhaps dogmatic what has been become an act of faith, when in fact it is part of the very nature of human beings.
So to speak-for the survival of Being, beyond their earthly step is now proven by science, but paradoxically, this sometimes try to deny the substantiality of spirit thing.
However, there is evidence that the material is only combination of substances and invisible forms, from where we admit the existence of an inaccessible to our physical senses world.
On this basis, the book of Dr. Carl Wickland deepens supported by experienced how those already “beyond” experience can become quite “here” than we can think.
Thus, exposes the way “spirits intruders” may influence their thoughts, suggestible people communicating their emotions and weakening the power of his will to control many times their actions.
It is a book “stranger” to the current weather dyed materialism, but “ever present” if it serves the belief in spirits and spirit possession were something ordinary since antiquity. Even more, in the days of the Apostles the ability to expel evil spirits was regarded as one of the distinguishing marks of the true disciple.
The Gospel-and the author cited is full of references to Jesus driving out evil spirits that generated disturbances kind that psychology today termed as pathologies.

In fact, psychoanalysis proposes the theory that most neuroses and psychoses originate in a psychic trauma forgotten and repressed, but is not willing to accept the hypothesis that intelligence disembodied contribute to the formation of many neuroses and psychoses which can lead to mental imbalance.
Theories that exposes Wickland are complemented by experiences of dialogues where spirits manifest their moods that influenced the personality of the respondents.
As a corollary, we could share the author’s exhortation to the spiritualist search is carried by men of science, “able to put aside all prejudice and, in all fairness, find the classified evidence and discovery.”

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