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‘The Quantum Body and Evolutionary Health’

The main concept states that the body is a precious gift that must be considered as such…

In the field of modern medicine, the body and the spirit have been considered as two distinct universes that are separated from one another. The body has been adapted by science and focusesits experiences onits physical outcomes;however, the spirit that is an inseparable component of the reality that is man, has had much to disclose.

The deliberation of metaphysical realities in regards to their relationship with the body has made a connection”between the souls and the cells” in what has come to be considered “a union of wisdom and knowledge through whicha path to great healing begins.”

From this point of view, the book accepts the certainty that the cells containthe power of the universe and lead to the interconnection between the spiritual and physical planes.

In this argument lies the essence of the text that reveals the self-healing potential within each person by providing simple and powerful healing tools that are available to anyone who wants to benefit from them.

The main concept states that the body is a precious gift that must be considered as such in order to embark on an extraordinary adventure of freeing the mind and spiritual energy that resides in every human being for the sole purpose of helping us with our astral journey.

  • Title: “The Quantum Body and Evolutionary Health”
  • Author: Marcel Vega
  • Pages: 300
  • Publisher: Ecotienda Natural
  • ISBN 9788494060403
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