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‘MIZ TLI TLAN – A World That Awakens’ by Trigherinho

The author, who has dozens of published works, presents us with a summary of…

“Whatseems irrational and unbelievablein the world of three dimensions is normal in the higher planes of consciousness.”
The author, who has dozens of published works, presents us with a summary of information that is provided by his contact with extraterrestrial civilizations or from dimensions higher than the three-dimensional one in which we are a part of.
To support his theory he also uses the documentary “The BRODIE Report” from the Civil Aeronautics Board of the U.S. in its file 1-0093 (Circular 54-AN/49 of the ICAO), known under the name “Another Civilization Dominates Us.”
This can be understood in at least two ways:the firstis by stories from unknown beings and dimensions and the other is where the reader will find many known elements, perhaps with different names and places, andis almost metaphysical.
This is of particular interest during thesepresenttimes where global warming and the eventual flooding of the planet are both reoccurring themes. The map on page 109 of the 5th edition shows the conditionthat the planet would be in (or rather its visible lands), after what he calls “the purification of the earth.” Then,on page 111, the South American continent is shown with more details.
For those who see the Andean areas as the backbone of the region and the reserve of the future, this map will have particular significance. In Argentina, the National Highway 40 (RN40) surrounds the area in its entirety.

  • Title: MIZ TLI TLAN – A World That Awakens
  • Author: Trigherinho
  • 5th Edition: 1997
  • 1st Edition: October 1989
  • Pages: 183
  • ISBN 950-17-0333-9
  • Publisher: Kier
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