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‘The Utopia of the Grey Man’ anonymous author

A strange book, without a known author, introduced simply as “A utopia built by a student…

A strange book, without a known author, introduced simply as “A utopia built by a student of Bachelor of Arts UBA, Argentina” and a warning to the reader, who says: “This is not” original “are just intertextualities, pastiches interpolations, recycling, plagiarism, and should be treated as an aesthetic object within the field of art and not of academic research, which does not mean they do not inspire to investigate, or action, I take what I find whichever think it is necessary. “(SIC).
Despite this warning would tend to disappoint the reader who seeks to investigate the thought of Benjamin Solari Parravicini, a little walk in the text, can be found as an underlying concept of great interest for the time: “Neoliderazgo” and the construction of “Social Networks”.
Precisely, while the temptation was always thinking about the “Gray Man” as an enlightened individual, with a messianic character; however, it would not, but the concept would refer to what is called today “Innovative Leader”.
Gradually, the book is changing the tone of discourse to move for long periods of psychological analysis of high academic content, where you can go forward in the process of mind until a detailed study of consciousness, functions and purposes and down to the deepest levels.
It has seemed of interest include this text because it assumes from a scientific view the progression of the analysis may be of interest to the professional psychologist when confronting cases where social gaze from one common higher perspective, requires the knowledge of elements related to the expansion of consciousness.
Complex and dense, but instructive.

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