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‘The future of Humanity’ by S. Parravicini & F. J. de Aragón

The conception of the story is to demonstrate the prophetic capabilities Solari Parravicini..

This is a very interesting book to read. Based on the psychographics of Benjamin Solari Parravicini, its prologue, Paul E. Von Lindow, indicates that this is an exegetical work on the meaning of the drawings and phrases from famous Argentine prophet.
The conception of the story is to demonstrate the prophetic capabilities Solari Parravicini, as “useless when events have already occurred,” the challenge is to evaluate the drawings and their meaning before they occur.
While some events in recent history have already happened and comply with the psychographics, there are yet others that are underway to which humanity can be giving an incorrect interpretation.
Thus, a first meeting between reality and psychographies be an interesting comparison on the issue of so-called climate change and the consequences that would bring about the planet. Actually, that change is not an effect of human behavior but a solar process that is affecting the entire Milky Way. Humanity faces a cycle of universal global change Solari Parravicini had anticipated.
In this way, you can go retracing the book and being with issues such as cloning, sexual variation or the South American continental role in the birth of a new humanity after “heavy rains”, perhaps some cataclysm.
Tuned with other texts prophetic tone, such as the work of Chilean Jesuit Manuel Lacunza, this book also puts cosmic events of the Fourth Dimension in South American territory, even naming cities would eventually be points of light in this new conception of the Earth and being Humano.

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