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In the year of the EYE of HORUS, we will make a synthesis of synthesis.

You are the Idea, you are the Mother Idea, you are the Message, you are the Great Message, this means for every soul, every man, every woman, that among the thousands and millions of ideas, the Great Mother´s Idea is synthesized today in each being, it´s no longer necessary to tread in different places, to speculate with different ideas, to believe in different ideas. The Mother´s Idea is in Being, the Message is given for Being by presence.

If you want to live where you want to live, if you want to lock yourself in the idea that you want to lock yourself up, if you want to plot the most extraordinary trick, today this is a matter of your Being.
You can look for the most beautiful place, with greater comfort, with everything that allows you to enjoy your senses, but if you are not you, and if you are not there, all that is just another hobby, one more illusion, one more entertainment

If you want to find yourself, it will be in the place where you express the Mother´s Idea. Already the dimension are changed, and the times changed, it is not the same to be and not to be, it is no longer a game of words of your mind, it is no longer a determined feeling of your heart.

Wherever you are, where you are, if you are not the Idea, if you do not constitute the Message, you will not find the Idea, nor will you know what the Message is. Then meditate, silence your Being, let it go, forget everything, do not depend on anything, or anyone, remember the simple beating of your heart, find in it the genuine response, manifest in you the Divine Presence.

Remember in each instant the unique origin that brought you, keep your mind and heart fixed in the beat of the cosmos in you, watch how everything in the world passes between pain and love, allow the human monad to identify in your Being, decide and establishes that your whole Being is the human monad.

Wherever you are, establish the unique space between the Divine and the human, determine that your room, your balcony, your kitchen, your dining room, your walk, your landscape, your being, the madness and the joy are not more than the expression of the divine breath .

In the Divine presence of your Being day by day, keep this idea as the Mother´s Idea in you, keep this message in you, keep this Divine essence in you, do not be horrified to see everything you should see, and You will see, do not be horrified to know everything you are going to know. Do not feel empty in the Law of Reversibility, live it as a reality, the more you have, the less you have, the less you have, the more you have, the more you give, the more you receive and the less you are, that is the essence of Being in Being.
Share, live, expand, receive, give and exist.

May the Divine Mother keep the flame alive in each one, because there are no more ideas, no more messages, the keystone has been removed, and all beings are ready to receive the final teaching, in this dimension of final transit.

Credit illustration : Sam Ferrand – The Art of Sam Farrand