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‘Serving and Giving’ a book by John Roger, D.C.E. and Paul Kaye, D.C.E.

In a Western world overcome by the concept of “taking” rather than “giving”…

In a Western world overcome by the concept of “taking” rather than “giving”, all the implications of the latter term seem to differ with the structure of intelligence, where nevertheless, the awareness of “taking more” can be beneficial to the extent that it focuses on “giving more”.

This work is intended for those who see service, “giving” as a vocation of generosity rewarded with the opportunity to “give more”, as an inspiration for generating service to others in ways never thought of before.
The common thread is the idea of service as a height of existence that is ennobling, while finding the meaning of life with service to others.

This focuses on the act of giving as a means to achieve greater happiness in life by teaching through simple techniques a new way of volunteering that leads to an open mind.

  • Title: “Serving and Giving: Gateways to a Higher Consciousness”
  • Author: John – Roger, D.C.E. with Paul Kaye, D.C.E.
  • Category: Mind, Body and Spirit
  • ISBN: 9781935492672
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