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‘The holistic diet’ by Marisol Guisasola

The holistic diet teaches how to lose weight without feeling hungry..

A holistic diet is a food intake and lifestyle plan that seeks to improve the person´s health in its entirety, including, evidently, weight control.

A book endorsed by the Clinic of the University of Navarra (CUN), Spain, that proposes a natural and safe weight-loss plan which, in addition, guarantees physical and psychological well-being and lasting success. This differentiates it from the numerous “miracle diets” advertised that usually lead to failure and frustration.

The holistic diet teaches how to lose weight without feeling hungry.

This plan has been designed taking into consideration our present rhythm of life, and it offers all the necessary clues to customize it.
Because of its nature, it does not require heroic doses of willpower and, on occasions, it allows that delicious portion of ice-cream or that irresistible piece of chocolate cake. Therefore, it is a global strategy different from the usual formulas used to lose weight.

  • Title: “The holistic diet: lose weight safely and successfully”
  • Author: Marisol Guisasola
  • ISBN: 9788499702957
  • Formato: Tapa blanda
  • Páginas: 344 págs.
  • Editorial: La Esfera de los Libros
  • Colección: Dietética y Nutrición
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