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‘Templar Esotericism’ by Carlos Raitzin

One of the most indecipherable topics of the Order of the Temple has been its esoteric…

One of the most indecipherable topics of the Order of the Temple has been its esoteric affiliation, based on a syncretism of beliefs that made them bearers of a knowledge that may have never been reached before or since by any other organization.

The secret “Statutes” of the Order or the “Book of the baptism of fire” is one of the most controversial documents due to its very heterogeneous contents that make it necessary to have open-mindedness and a particular analytical view in order to pass judgment (which of course will always be biased).

The esoteric knowledge of the Knights Templar drew on a wide range of ideas that included Celtic Druid practices, Egyptian Tarot management, alchemist formulas, studies of Islam (that some learned may be perhaps the “first inter-religious dialogue”), Kabbalists, and even masonic elements in their last phase.

The reader may wonder how it was possible that so many paths of knowledge were accumulated into a single order, and here is precisely where the genius of the Temple lies; in being able to extract all aspects of knowledge of the existence of an underlying doctrinal unity.  To put it more clearly, of all the many visible forms, they were able to make available a knowledge that was kept hidden from ordinary mortals.  Dante Alighieri’s work is an example of this syncretism.

These pages offer a panoramic view using basic elements so as to begin to understand a very complex issue.

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