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‘The Body, a Pedagogical Space’ by Durán Amavizca

Education remains in an endless crisis and the problem is that itis connected to…

Education remains in an endless crisis and the problem is that itis connected to the human development crisis. We have tried various ways to educate since Modernism up until now; however, it appears not to reach a model of excellence.

Culture’s objective was pure rationalism because it established ideal standards, but in the end what was achieved was adivision of man, both physically and socially.

The book develops from these ideas a dialectical directionthat reviews the influence of the concepts ofthe worldview of the Latin American man based from experiences that were mainly in Mexico and during the productive and intellectual decade of the sixties.

The current crisis of the nation-state as a result of the social problems with psychological origins such as feelings of guilt, anxiety and neurosis,reveals that social problems actually have an individual basis.

In turn, the mental paradigm shift caused ​​the religious conception of man as a unit to separate and allows for the individual to be considered physically.

Thus, the value of the body and everything connected with it is enhanced; making health and a body in perfect condition the only guarantees in life. From there it gives an analysis that states there is nothing hidden; everything can be taught and these teachings have an answer, not only for the mind but also for the body, thus moving from esotericism towards exoticism.

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