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‘Reading the Body: Ohashi’s Book of Oriental Diagnosis’

Retraces the complex and perfect functions of the body and its external manifestations

As his name suggests, WataruOhasiis a man from eastern culture, therefore his inspiration is based on the ancient knowledge that is derived from the observation of nature.  Man and his body, as part of nature, had to be of a special matter and provided with the most essential and substantial gift than any of the other creatures of creation: the spirit.

Since the body is understood as the physical manifestation of the soul, it must be seen as both a symptom and a symbol of the spirit.  Therefore, as in the martial arts, it is about taking advantageof the weaknesses and seeing them as healing strengths.  For example, if someone finds a problem in their body, instead of complaining, they should start treating that part of the body with kindness in order to revitalize its energy and move towards a cure.

Using anthropological descriptions, the book retraces the complex and perfect functions of the body and its external manifestations.  It includes a complete description of our body parts, its components, its functions and symptoms.  Also contains a captivating description of an organized way of eating in orderlive better, as well as a list of exercises to help manage and improve the body.

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