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‘Insights on Christian Esotericism’ a book by René Guenón

René Guenon discusses ideas previously conveyed in “The Esoterism of Dante”

In this essay, René Guenon discusses ideas previously conveyed in “The Esoterism of Dante” and points out the error of the pseudo esoteric schools that consider Christ only as “a great initiator”. For example, when considering the biblical passage of the presentation of the Three Wise Men, he perceives them as “the three heads of the Supreme Spiritual Center”, which represents the fundamental tradition.

The mention of Melchizedek in the New Testament as a priest and a king is similar to that of the Three Wise Men, for they are representatives of a single authority who recognize in the rising Christ “the source of this authority” in all the powers.

The most explicit paragraph that summarizes the spirit of the writing and that clearly has a deeper significance, is the one that includes: “The first offers gold and greets Him as a king, the second offers incense and greets Him as a priest, and finally, the third offers myrrh or the balm of incorruptibility and greets him as a prophet or spiritual teacher for excellence which corresponds directly to the common principle of both priestly and royal powers”.

It would be fortunate to acknowledge the “three worlds” that all of the Eastern doctrines speak of; the terrestrial world, the intermediary world and the celestial world.
A simple work with profound esoteric content explained in a very significant language.

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