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A great PLAN: by Raz´jeed Jhamul Kumara

With the two suns of Arcturus emerging one after another on the horizon, dawn there, with bluish and transparent atmosphere that siemprecaracterizo there since the Creation. in the dawning of the day of the Mayan calendar long count, perhaps the most accurate of this Universe we inhabit, and the k’in 10 of the uinal 5 1, tun, 18, of the KATUN KATUN 12… The end of an era was approaching more quickly than we felt for 11,500 earth years. (1)

It was an exceptional day for the Karmic Board. The most important beings and Ascended Masters met to assess many plans and orders of embodiment on planet Earth in the solar system in the Milky Way.

But, the proximity of the end of the scheduled for 23 December 2012 in the Land (that mota pale blue almost invisible in the solar system as the appointed Carl Sagan) had created a precipitation of wills of materialization and incarnations on the planet Earth with a totally unusual rhythm.

The monads more advanced (2) and with the higher vibratory levels already knew or believed at least that could complete its life cycle at this time and achieve the next was in another state, thus ending the almost endless chain of incarnations to reconvert the emotional debris left in that planet, in elements of a much higher vibratory level, such that once transmuted could ascend to other planes and leave to Gaia by reducing its burden. (3)

All that we were there we knew that all the wave of shocks – some disastrous consequences for humanity – that would rush every time more, was due to the fact that the Elementals (4), acting as a mirror of the emotional body, transforming their fears, passions, hatred, and attachment in water, fire, wind and seismic disturbances that could not be contained. The only way was to reduce to the elimination, the emotionality, distributing it in the fields of the heart and the human mind.

Nothing could be done with the elementals, which as a sort of Zelig (5) Cosmic, reproduced providing materiality in the third dimension to the emotional overflow of every human being and therefore of the whole. More than 7,000,000,000 of emotional bodies overflowing energy of low rating waved to the elementals making inevitable the materialization, even more so in this era, which contains the synchronicity of thought, the human feelings and emotions, moving them to the media field, .

The 1111 was already at that time in his imminent full swing, and many beings would have the possibility to materialize almost instantly your desires and thoughts, which put to test the quality of each being, that should or should have actually have to fend off both mental and emotional bodies to prevent leakage to the material plane of the lower vibrations, slow and archaic.

A monad, or better that a part of her that had many incarnations, with a high level of integration, such that almost did not have “invited” as other beings that had been glued to it by karma, had been knocked off thanks to the hard work done on Earth for this group (6).

I still remember with clarity were two dozens of beings, exactly 24.

Little remained to work to achieve ascension, but also the time was limited, perhaps one or two krusac (7) , the approximate equivalent to approximately 4.75 Earth years.

And the doubt that enveloped those bodies, at that moment, in a state of light, it was how to avoid the usual space-time density of the third dimension earthling, who will spend years and years, of the members embodied in human rights law, to be in as parents, children, siblings, couples, friends and any other type of relationship that would settle the few outstanding issues that should heal to close the cycle of that group, the rest of the monad was already released. Them by their own willingness to make joint plans had – perhaps by forcing the proximity to accelerate the process – really slowed the same.

The key question was: What was the form or modality in which thought or wished to make his entrance to the third dimension of Earth, one of the most important and difficult for the evolution of schools all over the Galaxy.

Of course, heavy and suffering, but an impressive effectiveness transmuting the environment created by Gaia and the beings that the custodian and argue, such that it is one of the masterpieces of the Universe

Sanat Kumara (8), millions of years ago, she had sacrificed all his eternal welfare, to embark on the Herculean task of creating this area and at the same time to sustain the human race, generating the energy environment at the same time to hold it for this school. Only their importance at the most senior levels of the Galactic Federation made it your self assigned task was granted. And the times were depleted, and although progress had been much, since important waivers had been achieved for skipped steps, percentages of ascension, and other such variables that would save a whole – case contrary – so safe.

And the time came where the applicants submitted their plan was evaluated and eventually authorized, for the return to the dense dimensional experience on earth.

The Sub-group 3 of that monad was born in the beginning of the Baktun 9, presented his daring plan.

The proposal was so practical and so simple that surprised – in spite of the natural clairvoyance which is part of the qualities of the members – to the

Karmic Board. Clear, practical and simple but quite unusual. I don’t think (I don’t know for sure because my level of access to the Akashic records not allowed me to have a comprehensive overview of the process but if you had one important) that in the annals to which i could have access recorded an idea so original, unusual, of pretending a setback of 2 BAKTUNS, in the state to achieve in the planet, would resolve in a few 6 Uinals or perhaps less the process of integration and exchange in the member states.

The plan was great.

They knew them and we knew all that there are three variables: time, space and free will, which obviously interact in the quantum field, even more remarkable on Earth due to its special characteristics, so that the stumbling block and dimension of each variable is multiplied in the other, modifying sometimes exponentially the length of time to achieve the accomplishments.

It is proposed to leave fixed two variables, transforming a complex equation of three variables of unpredictable behavior, even more so with the free will that behaves in the human field ignoring in general as it affects the other two, in a single unknown.

Just great. All together, together, so close together that the life of each one would drag the others. All would be born with extremely short intervals for what is a usual plan of materiality .

Even more extreme compaction of space also affected favorably to the compaction of the time and at the same time achieved a tremendous power of interaction that allowed almost were all one. Anticipating the next evolutionary step of ascent. We are all one.

I had a single edge problem. The cancellation of space and free will condition the security and therefore the reliability of the plan.

Any failure had no possibility of being corrected, without mobility and without possibility of exercising materially the will, there would be no alternative.

It was a single silver bullet.

This was presented to the Board, together with a very insulanamente large group of beings, of high vibratory level already, so that the light that emanated, passing by all the colors of the rainbow in a stable and serene, allowed to perceive them without a doubt as about to ascend and somehow the Board also took that into consideration. The unified will gave a great synergy.

Of course, the Board received the proposal and understood, prior to the completion of expose, that was not going to work as well.

Needed a part that they had concocted.

And one of the most former members of the Board, as old as pious, with that smile he knew, but mischievous that characterizes the

Ascended Masters, he said to them,”Your only safety is that two members of the monad, the least risk of failing, and that although forget mentally retain in their hearts their real mission, incarnated with the 3 variables, and in a period not very long, build the situation to receive them, visualize, realize the importance of what will be at stake, and to fulfill their part, allow the survival of the mystical body created by the one-dimensional, and the two of them at the same time.”

This was adopted, and so it was that the decline was authorized and the materiality of the group.

Two of them in the form of a future partner fell first, (9) a few twenties earthlings before. Then the other remaining subject to the whim ( it wasn’t but it seemed and its risks, being able to meet all and that the first remember his task, at least in their hearts and that they had become in humans to follow his heart more than their minds, because we all know here that the mind lies.

And while the task is not finished even at the time of transmitting this text, is developing very well, all were found, the first two remembered his mission. And the two humans gave the environment so that the others could develop as they should, in order to achieve the only remaining final task.

This was : The Unit, the resignation of the fictitious individual three-dimensional mind creates despite the 12 dimensions in which the heart moves and the respective bodies that viable. (10)

In a short time it seems that it would be ending, and although the detachment of each member shall be as appropriate by the characteristics of the materiality reached, the achievement they reach is irreversible, for it is them and their monad that awaits you.



(1) in the Mayan calendar long count, identifies in the clearest day 23 July 1978 DC . For those who want to convert dates

see Https://

(2) despite some diversity of interpretation, in various spiritual disciplines a monad refers to a group of souls that sprang from the Universe at a time. In the course of the ages these groups remain fairly stable and reincarnate with diverse and changing roles, both of family position, or friendship or system of relationships and even changing gender. The author used here in this regard.

(3) The author refers to eastern teachings that indicate that the souls have continuity of existence, and they reincarnate as many times as necessary to achieve a level of perfection that you do not need to be on the Earth for its evolution through learning in the third dimension. Put an end to the Karma brings with it the possibility of ascension, so that the return to earth would be then an act of will of ascended souls to meet service and not a requirement.

(4) Entities contralan essential they represent and the forces of nature on our planet. Basically the 5 elements. Lack of judgment and of their own volition, only amplificadamente reflect human emotions are taken as a whole.

(5) character in the film by Woody Allen.

(6) such as expressed in (2) each group of souls is maintained as a whole, but in the future, if someone from another group interacts badly with someone from the first is literally glued to that group, losing contact with yours, until you have repaired the action causing serious injury.

(7) The term Krusac belongs to the science fiction and has no relation to any teaching known.

(8) Sanat Kumara is an Ascended Master who is also called within Hinduism: the son of Shiva, Parvati, Skanda or Karttikeya, king of wisdom and learning, the god of war and commander-in-chief of the Gods or divine army of the same.

It is also the planetary logos and the founder of the planetary Hierarchy. You reverence to Sanat Kumara as a child one of the Sons of Brahma, and he is depicted holding a spear that symbolizes the light that serves as a tool to fight against ignorance, negative trends and minds.

Sanat Kumara, who is an exalted RISHI, as you can see, it is known in many ways; the Lord of the World, is another of his “nicknames”, as it is everywhere. Other terms used by their virtues, are: “El Doncel of the Sixteen Springs” or “The Young of the sixteen estios”, (because it is said that sometimes has the appearance of a boy of sixteen, in addition to that this figure represents the possible physical age and delplaneta cyclic ratio), the Supreme Court Magician on the planet (since it is responsible for the planetary evolution), Avatar of the Nine veils and the Initiator ONLY.

(9) I have followed the issue with curiosity, was not unique but very rare and these two humans, of a different sex, is found at a very early age ( to 8 or 9 years of age) and perhaps in their hearts had some hint of its link, were two children still to be able to understand the mission that they had decided together 10 years ago, at another level, and had to live another 20 to meet up, I don’t know if aware but at least open to be able to feel a pulse of more permanent link.