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‘SOS Crystal Bowls – Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen

The vibrations produced by the quartz crystal bowls activate our cells…

The vibrations produced by the quartz crystal bowls activate our cells and penetrate deep into our whole being. Their sound envelops the body like a wave, providing an experience similar to an enormously subtle massage or a deep and serene meditation. People who experience the effects of the quartz crystal bowls describe their experience as a physical and mental relaxation, a sensation of floating, of wellness and of fullness… Major unblocking occurs on the physical and energetic body; therefore it is used as an important therapeutic tool.
In this case, the sound of the bowls are accompanied by vibrations produced by the ringing instruments, which gravitate in another level giving a complete resonant setting for meditation and elevation, resulting in an environment where “everything vibrates”.

Dr. Gaynor, a prestigious American oncologist, proposes a new paradigm for a more holistic medicine. He first cites the use of “crystal bowls and other instruments in group interventions for patients with life-threatening or chronic illnesses, so much for psycho-spiritual development as for physiological synchronization.”

  • Title: “SOS Crystal Bowls – Hallelujah
  • Performer: Leonard Cohen
  • Running Time: 8:08
  • Category: Relaxation, Spiritual Elevation
  • License: Standard YouTube License
  • Link:

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