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‘Monarchy’ a book by Dante Alighieri

One of the minor works by Dante Alighieri that had the most political influence

One of the minor works by Dante Alighieri (Florence, May 29, 1265 – Ravenna, September 14, 1321) that had the most political influence among those of the time. We know that Dante was a loyal patriot who gave everything for his native Florence, where he never returned to from exile.

Probably written around 1313, during the height of political life in his city where lawlessness and injustice raged freely. Dante considers that the government of “Only One” is the necessary formula and what is in the best interest of the world in order to establish social order and universal peace.

Inspired by the Empire of Augustus, the text reflects the transition between medieval thought and the beginning of the Renaissance and its new way of thinking.

Thus, the model of the Holy Roman Empire has beyond the political an esoteric meaning because the establishment of the Universal Order bases its philosophical foundations on future globalization. Although, unlike the movement that now rules the world, Dante considers it as a plan of God.
In order to justify the theological aspect of his political thought, he asserts that Christ, having been able to choose the time and the historical circumstances, came into the world in a place (Israel) that was under Roman rule and therefore voluntarily accepted the death issued by Roman law.
Therefore, its historical ideal is related to the problem of eternity, which is linked to time and its emergencies. “Monarchy” is based on the same metaphysical principles of his great work, “The Divine Comedy.”

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