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‘Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation’

A path of initiation from the most elementary concepts of Tantra

The most ancient cultivators of tantraconsidered the body as the most perfect instrument of the expression of consciousness through the chakras, psychic centers located in the cerebrospinal system. The changes associated with the chakras were considered to be effects of the elements: water, air, earth, fire and “ether.”  This is why the quest for harmony was so important.

Thus, the work is a path of initiation from the most elementary concepts of Tantra, illustrated with images that are meant to capture in the reader’s mind the location of each one for further reference. An understanding between two systems:ancient yoga and psychologists’ studies.

Along with the primitive elements of Tantric science, the text contains exercises to help cleanse the body, along with an account of the importance of the breath as a liberating factor and the rising towards a higher state of concentration and spiritual purity that comes from the generating force that is the body.

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