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‘Ballet: The Struggle of the magicians’ by Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff explained that knowledge is not only transmitted by literature or teaching..

It premiered in Moscow in 1914 and it was the “apparent” bond that connected or propelled Ouspensky towards Gurdjieff. The connection was finally made in a very different and personal way.

Gurdjieff explained that knowledge is not only transmitted by literature or teaching. It is concealed in symbols and especially in dance and music, as well as other arts and trades (especially geometry, mathematics and symbology) and is ready for the condensed wisdom to be grasped and is only accessible for those who are ready or willing to receive it. GIG always insisted that the new arts have been disconnected from their original purpose which was to impose for the longest time possible the hidden wisdom in an accessible manner; by rituals, sacred dances, etc. Dervish dances with their cosmic whirling are a good example.

A quote from GIG: “In ancient times, what is now called art then served the purposes of objective knowledge. As was said earlier when speaking of dance, these art works represented an explanation and a record of the eternal laws of the universe structure. Those who were dedicated to research and therefore acquired the knowledge of important laws, incorporated them into works of art, as is now done in books.”
We suggest to the reader this interesting version recorded in Paris in 2006.

On a different scale and using what was later diffused as sacred dance schools, we believe this short video gives an idea of what has remained on this level 70 years later as teachings. There is no doubt that the body, as one of the three centers, plays an important role in human balance.

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