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‘Brain, God and Quantum Physics 1.The Power of Thought’

¿What is reality? The brain cannot tell the difference between..

¿What is reality? The brain cannot tell the difference between what it sees in its surroundings and what it remembers. ¿How can one keep seeing the world as something real, if the Self that establishes what is real is intangible?

These are questions that deal with how we perceive the world. Some of the things we observe evidence that our culture is following a wrong pattern and does not value the power of thought. We are often inadvertently trapped in preconceptions.

Modern materialism and religion often do the same. Modern materialism deprives people from the need to feel responsible and, often, religion does the same. But if quantum mechanics is taken seriously, responsibilities cannot be avoided and the answers obtained are neither clear nor comforting.
These deeper approaches create new ways to be in the world, refreshing the atmosphere. This new model of science states that what happens inside creates what happens outside, and poses a basic question: Is God a distinct and separate entity from us?

The fundamental elements of this new type of thinking and of conceiving thoughts in order to model a new world are outlined in this short and succint documentary.

  • Title: “Brain, God and Quantum Physics 1. The Power of Thought”
  • Length: 10:20
  • Category: Science and Technology
  • Link:
  • Standard license from Youtube
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