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We know that the origin of the limitations in the spiritual development, the expansion of consciousness and therefore of a happy life, lies in the fears and beliefs that we have accumulated, inherited and built up throughout our existence, which goes far beyond time, since as multidimensional beings, it unfolds precisely in multiple dimensions and also time lines. (We will talk about this topic in another note)

Then the path is certainly to detect those fears and beliefs, whether they are conscious, subconscious, unconscious and even karmic. Once we know them as our own, we can accept them by honoring them as they brought us here, love them and let them know that they are loved, and then release them to return to the origin, as their function in our life is over.

There are as many methods, techniques and technologies for this task as there are sciences and schools. They all converge towards the same end, which is the liberation of the soul. And it is not for us to judge or express an opinion on the advantages or disadvantages of each one, since each path, as well as each being, is unique and unrepeatable. Some will have detected them through psychoanalysis, others through meditation, or other ways of introspection and recognition of one’s own being in its various dimensions. In the case that the path we have traveled has not included a technology to free ourselves from these charges, since they are nothing more than charges in our energy centers (Chakras), we propose this practical and effective decree, in the knowledge that only the one who installed the belief or fear can remove it and free it, that is, the person or being that charges it.

It is appropriate now to understand the difference between healing and cure. The former undoubtedly refers to the realm of the soul, while the latter is the realm of the physical body. And what appears as strange, but is not, is that there can be one without the other. The purpose is that, upon reaching healing, this is to free the soul and therefore other bodies more subtle than the physical from the imprint of the short circuit, originated by the event that marked the beginning of this process at the end manifested as illness or disease, provoke the healing and that the manifestation in this plane disappears. This would be healing and curing. But there are two other alternatives that we must consider.

A healing that in the case of a very advanced disease has become impossible to heal on the physical plane, so the soul will be free but that body can no longer continue to host it, and the other is that there is healing (or suppression of the manifestation) but only in the physical body so that the “originator” of the manifestation is still there, within our unconscious, preventing the soul to be free.

In that case, it is more likely that sooner than later, another ailment will appear, in some organ, or system of the body that also manifests the type of difficulty that could not be brought from the shadow (in the Jungian sense of the word) to the consciousness and therefore doesn’t enable the soul to correct it.

Therefore, for having some appropriate tool to release and free the being from the burden, we offer this DECREE.

It is highly recommended before using it, to read it first in silence a couple of times to familiarize yourself with it. Then meditate or at least breathe a few minutes to calm the body and silence the mind so you can connect with the sacred flame in the center of your heart that you will have to visualize (with your eyes closed) or at least imagine.

After that, and after having formulated with precision (if necessary write it down) what it is that you should detach from you, that has been “conditioning and affecting your will and your actions, making you decide and do things that you no longer want to do or suffer” you can formulate this decree that removes the obligations that were previously at the command of your life.

Visualize then the sacred tricolor flame in your heart, imagine your whole being wrapped in an intense violet flame, that goes from your feet to your crown wrapping all your body and beyond, and say out loud and clear:

“With the Love, the Light and the Power of my Divine Presence I AM, I: (Put your name here) ……… by Divine Decree and under the Universal Laws of LOVE, GRACE, UNITY, KARMA, CREATION, DIVINITY, REFLECTION, FORGIVENESS AND FREEDOM, break and annul in a definitive way, all agreements, vows or commitments, that I could have made at any time, In any space or dimension in relation to…….(Put here the belief or fear that you want annul)…… and that produced in me the effect of ….(Put here the result of that belief or fear.)…. from this moment on and forever. In peace I am grateful that this is now a fact. “

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! “

From Razjeed Humara

We thank El Sharae for the participation.

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