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Hello beloveds,

may we all take a moment and pray for those who have been highly affected in many ways due to the current situation in the world.

May we all have more clarity, more truth and anchor higher wisdom that will support our human brothers and sisters as we all navigate this monumental time in history on our planet.

May we hold all beings who are in influx of how their life will be and pray our prayers for all to understand what truly is happening on our planet at this time.

May all those who are holding an energy of lack, worry, not feeling within their eternal being the universal support and unable to feel the love coming forth beyond measures be held.  

For those who are in despair and lost, may they feel supported during this time of renewal.  May all the light that is intensifying that is illuminating the dark be understood that we are in an incredible time on the planet as we are all witnesses to this sacred event. 

May all our brothers and sisters who are on a program of rectifying some old energies, receive so much support from the Christ Planes.                              

We are in a time where we have greater opportunities to anchor so much from the Christ Planes onto the planet.  May we open doorways to receive and anchor this in some capacity in our community, in our family and out into the world.   

May we be the conduit for this and illuminate this through the whole planetary grid systems.  May we open universal gateways of enlightenment to flood through the energy of our beloved planet to enlighten the density. 

May we all align to our mission to bring heaven on earth and open many christed portals of ascension to activate the Christ plane energies in our homes, community that will assist the whole of the earth.                  

As we call now upon the Christ command, the angels, archangels, and other light beings to support all of humanity to uplift them so that they may feel their own divine essence and their true nature and tap into their sovereignty, their own birth right. 

May we assist in clearing all the fears that are swirling around the planet, to shift them with the violet flame so that these don’t enter into the records of the earth. That they lay in levels where we can access them for the wisdom they hold and clear residues that create disempowerment.

May we ask for divine assistance for those in our families, our communities or sisters and brothers who are in fear of lack and unworthiness now, that is feeding the energies of despair.  

May we ask for all that has been written in these records to be resolved and released back to the source of god.   

May we all see this as a time where if these current energies are affecting us that we are being asked to honor this and explore this with all the universal light rays support and the holy mothers support. 

May those who need the mother energies enter into the Mother lodge and all those who need the father energies enter and be supported by the Great White brotherhood lodge so that we can come together once again into the divine union of mother father god and journey into the home of innocence. 

Once in this place of innocence we can see we were never alone or separate.                                                                                                              

May we all journey on the back of Pegasus through the many realms to create a clear pathway for us all.          

Blessed Be all Beings,

Sjamirra of the Divine University

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