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Meditations of the New Vision: 3 – Education & Art

The third meditaion of the New Vision for the earth and humanity is about the topics education & creativity. It is interesting how the first part of it refers to becoming more receptive to learning and sharing our gifts with the world.

“See everyone receptive to learn new ideas, skills, methods and knowledge even if they do not fully comprehend or agree with the info. See everyone opening up to greater consciousness, merging the higher mind with the truth of their heart. See humanity receive inspirations from their higher consciousness, all the solutions to our world imbalances are within us. See humanity, no matter what age sharing their gifts, using their creativity and offering compassionate solutions to create balance for Earth and all of humanity.”

You can download or listen to the meditation by the following link:

Meditations of the New Vision: 3 – Education & Creativity

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