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‘Theosophy’ an essay by Annie Besant

Starting with the greek etymology of the Word, the essay treads the paths..

Starting with the greek etymology of the Word (Theos, God; y Sophia, Wisdom), the essay treads the paths of Divine Wisdom, which is the last step in Theosophy. It is the knowledge of “what is below, of all the things and its methods””, that completes all Theosophycal studies.

This journey is personal and must be earned by each one. For this reason, the essence of this essay is in the praxis, and it limits itself to show the way, generating a source of inspiration and providing the example. It is a way to start from the beginning, “transferring from the mouth to the ear” the primary and fundamental lessons that will finally lead to the road of elevation.

  • Title: “Theosophy”
  • Author: Annie Besant
  • Pages: 41
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