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We refuse a ‘future with thirst and hunger’

What we consider possible is what defines what we can do

Global warming is a big problem, but not the only one. Twenty-five years from now we will live in a different balance of land, sea and potable water. What problem could be similar or even worse?

The loss of quantity, quality and decision-making about food caused by the use of GMO hybrid seeds comes to mind. Also one thinks of the use of harvested food for animal alimentation.

The low level of consciousness of many of our economic, political and business leaders is at the core of the trouble, not only selfishness and ambition, but hubris and willful innovation. We must stop the decrease of local natural seeds and genetic material in farming. We must seek governmental subsidy if it is required to sustain our natural seed diversity. And will we resist human reproduction falling into the hands of international companies outside the control of the public, to control population growth and genetic variability/homogeneity?

If we, as a human community, including our leaders, cannot increase our level of consciousness, conditions will remain the same or worsen. Nothing will change if we all don´t change ourselves. We must increase corporate social responsibility with conscious leadership that holds businesses and governments accountable for both short and long term impacts. We need to create a genetic vegetal and animal reserve, like a Noah’s ark, with “survival biology material” in society’s hands, not just corporate domain.

What we consider possible is what defines what we can do.

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