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‘Beyond Conny Mendez – From metaphysics to Quantum Physics’

The development of her education on the theories of knowledge, consciousness

Conny Mendez (Juana María de la Concepción Guzmán Méndez), gained worldwide notoriety as an artist and esoteric teacher after founding the Christian Metaphysics Movement. The development of her education on the theories of knowledge, consciousness and metaphysics was advanced for the times.
With her work she gave arguments that came to nurture spirituality and modern psychology. She also discussed issues related to alchemy and the inner search in metaphysics. Other parts of her studies were transcendence and her path in search of it, as well as numerology.
The knowledge summarized in this volume includes the position that all introductory processes should try to provide the answers to those internal questions that each of us have. These questions arise every time a restless mind wonders about the origin, composition and the basis of real things; in other words, of all that exists.
Issues such as the Self, God, the first trials and laws of the beginning of the world, and concern about finding the difference between matter and spirit, all find answers in these writings by Conny Mendez; writings that “symbolize the bridge or link between the alchemists of the past and the quantum physicists of the present.”
Lastly, for those introduced to metaphysics, the work of Méndez links Saint Germain with Paracelsus, theology and the methods of modern spirituality, providing unity and meaning to the idea of a unifying whole.

  • Title: “Beyond Conny Mendez – From metaphysics to Quantum Physics”
  • Author: Jorge Blaschke
  • Publisher: ROBINBOOK, 2010
  • Pages: 192
  • ISBN: 9788499170640
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