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‘Reincarnation’ an essay by Annie Besant

The much discussed concept of reincarnation can be made more accessible..

According to the author, the much discussed concept of reincarnation can be made more accessible and even harmonize more with natural order if we give it universal value.

The problem lies in the “dissection” done when the soul is studied, as if it were separate from evolution. Thus, to understand the subject, we must not generate a new concept of evolution but adapt the universal principle to the “necessary conditions for the individualization of life in constant development”.

However, only recently, when the Western world has started to discover and accept Eastern thinking, the old dogmas have taken the first steps towards this intellectual evolution that allow the understanding of ideas so far removed from its traditions, demonstrating, for example, that the most elevated and complex organisms have turned tiny and simple.

A radical and passionate subject, where now even Theology has something to add.

  • Title: “Reincarnation”
  • Author: Annie Besant
  • Pages: 25
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