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‘The Law of Love’ a conference by Vincent Guillen

He who truly loves does not expect anything in return. Love must be free…

We must eliminate the feelings of the ego. We must begin by loving ourselves, for if we do not, then we cannot love others. We must recognize our emotional needs so that they become the engine of our lives. For this we must know ourselves from within.
We have to separate our feelings from our thoughts. Sometimes our thoughts are infiltrated with selfishness that tarnishes love. When you feel for others as you do for yourself, you begin to feel happiness because you want the other to be happy.
He who truly loves does not expect anything in return. Love must be free, we should not force feelings.
Love is the foundation on which happiness is built, but what is love really? In this conference Vincent Guillen describes a way to understand the motivations that are confused with love; unlike pure love, which is liberating for both the one who loves and for the one who is loved. This is a conference not to be missed.

  • Title: “The Law of Love” Four Day Conference of Consciousness with Science held in Murcia (Spain) on April 29th and 30th, 2012
  • Speaker: Vincent Guillen
  • Running Time: 1:23:13
  • Category: Training
  • License: Standard YouTube License
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