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‘Holistic Education’ Rubén Gallegos

The world is experiencing a profound and inevitable change in the cultural prototype…

The world is experiencing a profound and inevitable change in the cultural prototype, indicating that the educational models established up until now are out of date.  It is necessary to evolve towards a change in the formative model in order to ensure better qualified technicians and professionals that can make development more sustainable and who will build a better society.

The academic experience reveals the general disinterest of students because the subjects are not consistent with reality.  Therefore, education has ceased to be a rewarding experience, becoming a routine job for teachers and dull to students.

Whenever countries have tried to change their political-cultural paradigm, they have begun by reforming their educational systems.  Similarly, while undergoing a global model change, it is necessary to look for new alternatives that are superior to the classic, industrial and scientific model and that is based on a mechanical worldview.

Up to now educational systems have been based on values such as control, consumption, competition, speed, and material success. All of which in the new era are predicted to be outweighed by the extraordinary dimension that the awakening of a new consciousness requires.

These pages suggest an improvement towards the understanding of the basic concepts of what is now the new trend of holistic training, of which has been advocated by Unesco.

This book is a necessary contribution that helps us to understand how to turn towards a holistic education in the 21st century, allowing us to conceive of a sustainable and integrated society.

  • Title: Holistic Education
  • Author: Rubén Gallegos
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