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‘Chanting of Om’ Natural Mod. 432 Hz

Om” is one of the most sacred mantras of the dharmic religions..

“Om” is one of the most sacred mantras of the dharmic religions (such as Hinduism and Buddhism). It symbolizes the divine Brahman and the entire universe. Also referred to as “Omkara” (the “om syllable”), this syllable represents “a vibrant rumor” that is considered by the Hindus as the origin and the primordial sound. It is the beginning of the majority of the mantras, words or sounds that are divine and powerful.

“Om” is the symbol of what is essential in Hinduism. It signifies oneness with the supreme; the combination of the physical with the spiritual. It is the sacred syllable, the first sound of the Almighty, and the sound from where all other sounds emerge, whether from music or language.

The sound of “Om” is used to meditate. The process involves closing the eyes, situating oneself in a comfortable place that is still and quiet, and with the legs in the lotus position or either seated on a chair, lying on the bed or on the floor. Then take deep and relaxing breaths while you begin to pronounce the “Om” syllable, to the tune of the music. It does not require any extra effort, just relax the lips and feel how this sacred syllable flows from within.

  • Title: “Chanting of Om”
  • Running Time: 1:02:59
  • Category: Natural Mod. 432 Hz
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