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‘Healing in Ancient Egypt’ by Daniel Meurois-Givaudan

The author of “Dressed in Light”, Meurois-Givaudan,uses a different method in…

The author of “Dressed in Light”, Meurois-Givaudan,uses a different method in approaching disease and its treatment based on aura reading. In light of the research that has advanced in this field regarding the scope of the energy structure of the human body, he found new knowledge that led him to write this book about “the balance we call health.”

The “globalization” of this knowledge led him to write for those he calls “sincere apprentices of life.” In other words, for those who do not consider themselves therapists but who hope to know a bit moreabout themselves and are modestly seeking to do the greatest good in theirsurroundings.
This book contains basic notions of work and methods, but above all it is a book with an attitude of the heart and soul; directed towards those who wish to undertake a thorough cleaning of their energysystem.
A work that is addressedto all human beings who simply desireto grow and get closer to the amazingunion between the subtle and the dense.

  • Title: “Healing in Ancient Egypt, from Egyptians to Essenes, an Approach of Therapy”
  • Author: Daniel Meurois-Givaudan
  • Publisher: Isthar Luna-Sol, 2011
  • ISBN 9788493837242
  • Pages: 153
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