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Creation works on defined dynamics that support the expression, and evolution of the Conscious, Self Aware Force that we are all part of, many call this force God.

Understanding the dynamics involved gives us a greater ability to express our own Conscious Energy (IAM) in sync with this Force that we are part of, but which is much greater than us. It helps to understand that the person we look at in the mirror when we brush our teeth is a Creator, clothed within a Created Body. Your body is a gift from God that you along with the greater wisdom of the Force we call God chose for you to express your conscious sense of self (IAM) here in this life at this time, but you are far greater than what you see when you look in the mirror.

You are first and foremost Eternal Awareness, aware of yourself, and your connection to the Force that you are part of, but is far greater than you alone. You existed before the body you now inhabit, and will continue to exist after your body has served its purpose and dies. Think of yourself as an actor, and this adventure we are experiencing as a play, with God being the Author, Producer, and Director.

As eternal beings, we choose the roles that best suits our abilities, and needs at each point in our evolution as Eternal Children of God, but the role that we are playing is but a small part of who we are on the grander, eternal scale.

The role you are playing that makes you, you is the created, finite side to your identity that supports the specific lessons you chose to learn in this particular life, but the Eternal Being within the created role (body) is much greater, and has access to a wealth of wisdom and conscious, creative energy that is far and away greater than what the created body alone offers.

When we are born, we come into this life with a strong connection to the Force/Source that we are part of and just came from, we are never separated from this force, as we are one with it. Our true identity is God, our journey of self realization is designed to give us the relative point of reference, our IAM that brings meaning to our oneness with all that is (GOD), and without our IAM we would have no means to express our oneness, let alone understand it.

God the “Creator” requires “Creation” in order to be defined as “Creator”. Without Creation to define God, God would have nothing to be defined by, and this was the Eternal State of “No Thingness” that has always existed.

The moment that God became self aware was the moment when God created that very first spark of conscious, self aware energy that gave God, God’s IAM, or sense of self, and everything in existence came from, and is part of that Foundation of Creation, us included, we are all God being expressed at God’s most personal level. This is the true meaning of God and I are one, and God is Greater.

The trick is in finding synchronicity between the created role we are playing and the eternal being within the created role (body) we are playing. Our Egos act as a filter between the realm of the Creator, and Created. When we are born into this life our conscious focus is that of Creator, and as we grow and our Egos develop, we move into our Created role here on Planet Earth.

As Creators we look within for our connection with the Source/Force we come from and are part of, as our Egos develop, our Conscious Focus turns to a more outward focus on our Created World, we don’t lose our connection to God, it simply becomes somewhat Veiled by all the information that we compile as we grow and our Egos develop.

The reason we create this veil is do to the fact that life is much like a meal, there are aspects that nourish and fuel growth, and just like with a meal, there are aspects that are meant to be released and eliminated. Just like eating junk food can be unhealthy, entertaining thoughts and feelings that are unhealthy will have a similar effect on us consciously. Holding onto thoughts and feelings that need to be released is much like being Consciously Constipated, its uncomfortable, and effects our performance. The best way to avoid this discomfort is to learn to stay in Sync with our Creator side of Consciousness.

This is done by spending time alone where we can be still and turn our conscious focus inward to receive the strength and wisdom that keeps us in balance with a Force that is far stronger and wiser that we alone are. Staying in Sync with this greater part of who we are will make it far easier to let go of the thoughts and feelings that don’t resonate at the higher conscious frequencies, because our inward focus makes it more apparent what effects the events of our lives are having on us on the conscious level.

This life is an illusion with purpose, and its good to remember that what we bring into this life is Conscious Energy (IAM) and what we take with us is Conscious Energy (IAM), our Conscious Energy is also the deciding factor in whether we have a good day, bad day, or something in between while playing our role here in this adventure called life. Thoughts are Things, and we are Creators.

Learning to find Sync between our Higher Selves, and the Ego that our Higher Selves are being expressed through will bring greater power, meaning and growth to our lives, and make for a far more joyous adventure as we play our roles in life.

Simple Truths – The Book
By Greg Royal