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‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’

Regarding synchronicity and how the mind works in the universe. We think in linear terms.

Regarding synchronicity and how the mind works in the universe.  We think in linear terms.  When we experience synchronicity we are participating in the creative mind of the universe.

In ancient times, people believed in the vastness of the universe and felt its connection by using a more beneficial and powerful ability than that of the five senses: the conscience.   Only by being conscious that something is real, can it exist.

This intelligence acts through seven spiritual laws whose functioning is as mysterious as the spirit.  Achieving success in nature is governed by the same laws that reign over all nature.  All that we desire can be created; success is measured by efficiency and is effortless.  It begins with the transformation of consciousness and in knowing that subsequently a way to achieve this will be found.  Something creative is always occurring under the layers of Chaos.

The law of Nature is the process by which all that is hidden is revealed.  The law is the process by which the Divinity, the quantum field, and the unmanifested, or however you may want to name it, is set in motion and is expressed.

Based on the book by Deepak Chopra

Music by Olivia Newton John

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